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Your concert in wellington  nz was unbelievably good, you guys gave it everything,.

 I’ve been to many concerts and i can honestly say that yours was the best concert I’ve been to in a long time . And you guys are not stupid Americans ! KEEPIT UP GUYS 

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I have very few occasions to fully listen to music, like when I'm driving long distances. I listened to this song like that a few weeks ago when by chance Spotify added it to my play list while driving home from Paris. And it hit me with a violent emotion, I couldn't really explain. Once at home, I listened to it again and again and got to the "behind the song" page telling about what Dan is living every day fighting pain. It was a shock to me. It's so amazing how a work of art like your song can communicate emotion with such precision and insight. I have been living with that pain for more than fifteen years now. I was lucky enough to live In France and after only two years of struggling I managed to have access to the latest treatment available (TNF inhibitors were all new at the time), so I could bring up my kids almost normally and I work fulltime. But the monthly bill for my treatment is higher than my paycheck, and I'm wondering the hell people must live with this disease when they are neither very rich nor have an all-inclusive insurance like we have here. You must go on raising awareness about that part. Everyone should be able to live with dignity. Even if you can never overcome pain completely, those injections give back some dignity to people who are severely affected. BTW, I’m impressed by Dan’s courage and endurance: I can’t imagine how you can live an intense rhythm like concerts and festivals and be sporty and photogenic in spite of all that struggle! Well, thank you for this this great song! This helps me to feel a bit less alone while I go on keeping on a brave face to the ordinary life of a working mother! Good luck to you all! 

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Honestly, until your latest videos and radio play I wasn't a fan.  A few years back you had a recurring YouTube endorsement commercial that played at the beginning of almost every video.  Annoyed by the recurrence instead of curious I just never listened.

Then I began to like some of the latest songs when I heard them played on the radio.  I was irritated to find out they where your newest releases.  Ah!  Imagine Dragons again!

Then, I saw an ad for the upcoming documentary Believer.  You all hooked me.  Why? 

 My cousin Jerry passed away in Salt Lake City about 20 years ago from a gun wound that occurred during a fight with her longtime partner.  My cousin was ended there relationship because she decided she wanted a heterosexual relationship and to have children hopefully.  She died that night.  The police ruled her death a suicide.

My cousin was married in "the tabernacle" in Salt Lake City to her high school sweet hart.  Our family was unable to attend because we are Southern Baptist.  She valued her virginity and marrying was her dream since moving to Salt Lake City with her father from Phoenix where we lived.  

Shortly after the honeymoon her husband beat and raped her so badly she was hospitalized.  The women from the Mormon church that she knew for years, trusted, and loved told her to return to her husband.  They urged her to "do better" as a wife and let her know that the assault was not his fault.  If she did not return home she would no longer be able to be Mormon, attend services, fellowship, etc.

So she came to Phoenix.  The years after where very confusing for her.  She constantly went back and forth between Salt Lake and Phoenix acceptance and a home.  In Utah,  she began a relationship with another woman neither families approved of.  It that lasted about 10 years.  Until that night.

Shame and guilt is not of God.  I read that the response from some close to you all was to worry about what God may think of you letting people of the LGBTQ community think that they are accepted, forgiven, and loved by God.

I urge please please do let them know God loves us all.  A confused, hurt, young girl or boy, man or woman may very well be happy alive and spreading belief if so.  That matters to me and my family.  Jesus did not command that what a person chooses to do with their life should be a factor in how we love.

Our family now understands that Jerry's choices and struggles needed our grace not continued judgement upon her.

I am a believer.  Thank you