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creativenerdylesbian's picture

Amazing show. Amazing people.  They did take stage a little late (1025) but they gave a solid 2 hours of music. Amazing show.  I didnt get out of my seat to leave until after midnight.

Wonderful. No breaks. no BS.  They are so musically talented and the theatirics they provide during the show with set up as well as their musical talent and all the instruments blew me away. It was amazing to see how human they all are and how happy there were to be home. 

Amazing show amazing music.

I love you guys so much.

bearpaw2105's picture

Very disappointed in this show. Two opening acts were horrible. By 10:15pm Imagine Dragons had still not taken the stage. I felt very disrespected. Show was to start at 7:30pm, which it did but horrible music. I did not stay for concert. Once they had not taken the stage by 10:15pm, the crowd was too drunk and rowdy to stay. I am thinking twice about being a fan at this point. I have waited 4 years to see them and was so so so excited only to leave mad and dissatisfied. Will not go back if that is how they treat their hometown fans.