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For the pres ale code you needed to be verified fan, I figured this late, I only had 2 options, kansas or something else, I bought meet & greet tickets for Kansas, I will bring this up with someone in the band, as most of us can NOT afford to pay twice or triple for reseller's tickets, the verified fan thing is supposed to keep them from buying tickets and give the fans the opportunity, well, this did not work.

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Does anyone have tickets from the first presale yet? I mean actually purchased them, paid for them and have tickets? Any response would be appreciated! Thank you 

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No, when I registered for the verified fan thingy the only options were shows in Kansas and somewhere else (2), I ended up buying tickets for Meet & greet in Kansas....road trip! I guess

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Like others who also commented, I tried to get tickets at 10am on Saturday, March 3rd for the Red Rocks show. Imagine Dragons is my son's favorite band, and I was thrilled that there was another opportunity to take him in Denver--I was hoping to surprise him. It looks like resellers scooped up most of the tickets and are charging $199 or more for them--which isn't possible for us, and I'm sure doesn't benefit the band in any way. Maybe another show could be added? Heartbroken in Denver.

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We are in the same boat. My son is also a huge fan. Wanted to surprise him for his birthday weekend, and would have been his first Red Rocks show. Ridiculous that 3rd party vendors are somehow able to get in and turn around to sell tickets for at least twice the price.

Heartbroken for sure.