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I agree with these comments. I was also logged on at 9:45, put in the "waiting room" - no tickets were available.  My 11 year old son has learned and preformed at least a dozen Imagine Dragon songs around town, just a couple examples: kid won't be at your show.  Sad for him.  And really, sad for the band.  Every generation has music that resonates in synchronicity with the youth - this is the band in that position at the moment.  It's a broken system when that portion of the population, those who are moved so deeply by this music, are cut out of seeing the show so some jackasses can work the system to turn a huge profit on every ticket. It's sad.  As we got rejected from Imagine Dragons we looked around a bit decided to taking him to see Michael Franti at Red Rocks the week before as his first live show instead - (a family of 3 for a little over $130 = normal).  But the kid is still heartbroken.  I hope you can help find a way to work towards a solution.  Enjoy Red Rocks.

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I agree with comments below. Axs has let all the tickets go to resellers who have prices the fan out. Imagine dragons was to be my kids first concert. But not for nearly $1000.  Very disappointing.  There seem to be a lot of tickets available at all the resellers. So the venue won’t be very full despite being sold out. What a waste of a show and venue.