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Hi, Dragons.

First of all, thank you for your music, for inspiring songs with deep meaning. Your music helps me feel free and never give up. I’m ready to listen to it again and again.

But also I want you to know about the situation with fake tickets in Kyiv. Only you can help.

I and my friend wanted to visit your concert in Kyiv on 31.08.2018.

Unfortunately, at first, we didn’t have enough money to buy tickets. And when we found money, there weren’t tickets on the official websites.

It is why we decided to redeem them on the non-official website.

There was an Instagram profile which sold tickets and the price was a little bit higher. There were many followers and many people believed this page and bought tickets there.

I and my friends weren’t conclusions. It was risky but the wish to be at the concert was much stronger. We were like “Walking the wire” buying tickets “from other hands” but we wanted to see you, to sing and dance together and feel the atmosphere of Dragons “Whatever it takes”.

And, it`s hard to say, a few days ago I found our tickets were fake. We paid money to scammers. And hundreds of your Ukrainian fans are in the same situation now.

You taught me to be “Believer” and maybe it is why I’m writing this. I hope that you can somehow affect and allow these deceived fans to visit your concert. Please, don’t be indifferent to people who love you so much.

Even if we can’t visit the concert, we will stay near the Olimpiyskiy stadium and try to hear songs from you.

Remember: despite everything, Ukrainian fans love you!