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We are missing the concert in Manchester tonight because of the weather & lack of toilets in the Arena. My daughter is 12 & a huge fan. She also has cerebral palsy & is in a wheelchair. The Arena have told us to leave their premises & walk across Manchester so Lucy can use the Changing Places toilet. Lucy requires a hoist & bench with extra space. Obviously due to the weather I’m not prepared to walk the streets of Manchester to use the toilet. We have 4 tickets that we can’t use for tonight & one very disappointed Lucy. 

Could Imagine Dragons influence arenas to bring in an accessible toilet for concerts. They are easy to hire & cost so little. It’s also difficult to get tickets because they allow so few spaces for people who can’t get into a regular seat. Can you be the first band to stand up for those who just require some extra support. 

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That is shocking. How can that be legal under the DDA? 

We have tickets but can’t get there due to weather and I am disappointed that it hasn’t been rescheduled.