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Ticket master verification process is not fair and it does not work

I followed all the instructions to get verified to buy two vips one for my daughter, one for me, and I was also going to buy 3 tickets one for my husband and one for my two boys.

According to ticket master, I do not qualify to be a verified fan.

They say that they go through a verification process with "checks and balances" to determine who is a fan who isn't... well, we all, all 5 of us listen to imagine dragons. My 15 year old daughter is a huge fan, and my two boys too.

I don't know what they would have checked to see if I was a real fan or not, so, that is not fair.

This is extremely stressful for the fans.

I called in sick to work today to be able to be here by the computer waiting for my code and the opportunity to buy the VIPs and the regular 3 tickets and I have not been able to do that.

The verification process needs to be done in another way.

This is not fair.

I have been reading post for two hours now of hundreds of fans that didn't receive codes.

please, change this.

It is not fair.

Thank you