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Dear Imagine Dragons, I doubt this will reach you but I thought I'd try. The last 3 years have been a very long and bumpy road for my little family, and if it weren't for your songs bringing so much joy to my daughter's life I don't know if she'd be the same right now.  Her name is Addison and she is 8 and she knows all of your songs! She is constantly singing and dancing to them in my car, at home while she brushes her teeth, while we sit to eat dinner with my family. Thunder is her new joy! I just beat a long battle with cancer we thought I was going to loose,but her love and strength pulled me through every day. Currently, because we are trying to recover from so many medical bills and barely surviving financially I can't afford anything for Christmas this year. ....but it is my one Christmas wish to be able to take my daughter to see your concert in November here at the Honda center as a Christmas gift to her. I'm thinking of starting a go fund me to try and see if I can raise the money to get tickets. Or if you guys are interested my dad builds custom guitar tube amps for musicians and would be honored to do some work for you! Any ways she has no idea I'm doing this, but Im a mom just trying to make my  little girls dreams come true this Christmas. Thanks and rock on you guys are awesome! !