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Dear friends and family, Last night officially concluded the Smoke + Mirrors World Tour. We have no words to even begin to describe our gratitude and love for you. The last years have been the most wonderful, challenging, motivating, inspiring and emotional years of our lives. We have grown closer as band through all the highs and lows. From empty clubs in Las Vegas to arenas around the world, we have loved every single minute of it. This last tour was so awe inspiring. To walk on stage each night and see an arena full of your faces - to feel your energy - was and is the greatest gift we have ever been given. This album meant a great deal to us and you are the ones that truly brought the words, rhythms and melodies to life. Thank you for singing with us each night. Thank you for supporting us and standing up for us. Thank you for believing in this message. In these songs. In us. We love you all and will see you again soon... Forever yours, Imagine Dragons



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