Smoke + Mirrors: Limited Edition, Deluxe Artwork Fan Pack

To celebrate the release of Imagine Dragons’ sophomore album, you can now order the Smoke + Mirrors: Limited Edition, Deluxe Artwork Fan Pack   HERE


This special bundle includes 13 high-quality lithograph prints inspired by each song on the album and designed by album artist Tim Cantor.

CD, album booklet and lithograph prints are all packaged within a collectible box, and very limited quantities will also receive a glossy photo print of Imagine Dragons, signed by the band.

Pre-order now and you’ll receive EARLY ACCESS to tickets for Imagine Dragons tour dates in 2015 AND immediate digital downloads of “I Bet My Life” and “Gold."

Tracklist includes:

1.  Shots
2.  Gold
3.  Smoke + Mirrors
4.  I’m So Sorry
5.  I Bet My Life
6.  Polaroid
7.  Friction
8.  It Comes Back To You
9.  Dream
10.  Summer
11.  Trouble
12.  Hopeless Opus
13.  The Fall




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