London Show at the Roundhouse June 7th

London! We're playing a special show at the Roundhouse on June 7th – join us!

CLICK HERE for more information on how to get tickets.



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nicoleungungung's picture

literally I am still waiting for the general ticket to go on sale as they were meant to be on sell last Friday in ticket master's website. They only said that the pre sale ticket is sold out but not the general ticket. so now i wanna know is that if all the ticket is gone or just the pre sale ticket??/

Laura_Bevan's picture

I had the same problem as so many on here, was ready and watching the countdown for tickets, 10am put my presale code in and nothing happened!!! Tried again and again, when it actually worked at 10:03 it said there were no tickets left!! Absolute joke, and now no info about general sale, I can't believe it so poorly organised, never had this with all the gigs I've been to always managed to get tickets when they go on sale. This has been top of my to see list for so long, I'm so disappointed-I guess you only get to go if you've got £200 to spare on a ticket!