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To try to clear

To try to clear some things up, here's some info that I think will answer most of your questions. This year because the fan base is so large, pre-sale codes were only available to those who bought the pre-order during the first week of sales or bought the Deluxe Box Set from this website. If you bought the Deluxe Box Set from this Website before Monday and have not received your code, please contact customer service so they can verify your order and send you your code. As far as pricing goes, the venues set the prices, not the band. Yes, the VIP packages are more expensive, but you receive exclusive merch, early entry, and with some a meet and greet with your package. Meet and greets have to be limited because the band has to try hard to not get sick. The more people they are around (shake hands, hug, etc) the more likely one or more of them will get sick. This us the only reason they need to limit m&g's because they LOVE to meet fans. Hope this helps :)