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First thing first...   I didn't want to do  a public post, but I have no choice. So, I dont want to bother you guys and I know that it will be long, but I'm just asking to myself if you are in my head??? I fell in love with you since the beginning because the lyrics of your songs throws me down to the ground each time even if I don't speak english. I couldn't choose better words in french. Your music is amazing too, always fit to the feeling of the lyrics. Nothing left to say, Polaroid, Dream and, sure, Monster and Demons... God, it's like I wrote them myself! And now Believer... It's  where I am in my life right now. The pain pushing you somewhere else, your difference that will never fit in this world and force you to let go many things and do your things on your own way. It's my french understanding of your english words, maybe I'm wrong, but it's my feeling and I have something stuck in my throat each time I listen to the song. Even that, it's so good to sing it, I feel better at the end. Thank you very much and sorry for my spelling mistakes and the length go my post.