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Your music is amazing. My only issue is, your live music is worlds above the studio versions of your tracks. I don't mean to take anything away from your studio releases, they're great in their own right. I had the pleasure of seeing you guys perform in Korea at the League of Legends World Championships. Since then I have not been able to listen to the studio version of "It's Time" even though the sound quality on the LoL Esports Youtube version is pretty bad. There just isn't nearly the emotion in the studio version that is portrayed in the live version. After listening to all of the "It's Time" remixes - this live version from Korea is just hands down the best performance of the song I have heard. So much so that it brought tears to my eyes - and that is a feat (as anyone who knows me will tell you). "On Top of the World", "Warriors" and "Radioactive" were also breathtaking performances.

For those who haven't seen the performance - - the after show performance begins at 15:35 - "It's Time" starts at 19:01.

Anyway, on to the question: When can we expect a live album from you guys? As I said your live music is just worlds above anything your studio recordings could hope to achieve - and again, taking nothing away from the work you do in the studio. "I Bet My Life" has grown to become one of my favorites and I look forward to the new album you guys are releasing - but I am begging for a live album soon. -Paul