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I'm confident t

I'm confident that one of you guys will read this. I know I look like I'm just another fan, and we'll... I guess I am. Anyway, I've been going through a lot of junk right now and I've been encouraged by a lot of you songs. In fact, some of them explain what's going on in my world. Anyway, I know I'm only a kid and you guys are like celebrities, but... I would really love to meet you guys someday. Or at least go to a concert. Our family can't afford to go to one though, so I thought I'd tell you about Marti-Grawl. I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but it's an event that takes place in Orlando Florida, Universal. It goes on for a whole week and different bands come in each day. Before they preform though, everyone gets to party and watch a parade. It's really fun. Not only that, but you guys would get to go to an amazing theme park for free