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I really enjoy trying to paint the album art. Maybe one day I'll make amazing art like Tim Cantor's, but at the moment, all I do is look at things and paint/draw them. Or atleast try.

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So, Im not been a fan for that long. It all started when I got realy facitated by the viedeo of thunder , and staretd listening to the lyrics, and it evolved from there. So it sounds stupid, "feeling your lircycs", byt, yeah Im 30 years old, and I have heard a plenty of lyrics. But its something about what you say and how you say it, it makes me feel hope! I have had allot of depressoion in my life and still have it, but someting in your music makes me happy or a feeling that my dark side kan make som of it self! So you Imagine Dragons are what I turn to in struggle, or when Im going to a party, or when I just want someting to give me meaning and the will to fight! I will show everyone that Im the thunder! :D